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All counties in Nebraska have access to funding (State and Federal) for initiatives aimed at juvenile delinquency prevention, juvenile and family court development; and alternatives to juvenile confinement.  Rural counties face challenges in pursuing these opportunities due to manpower shortages, and difficulties in plan development.  The Foundation has stepped forward to provide: planning assistance; program development; and, program execution.  For 2005, , the Foundation prepared Cherry County’s request to receive LB 640 Juvenile Service funds to be used to establish and operate program of electronic monitoring of pre-adjudicated juveniles as an alternative to confinement in a distant and costly juvenile detection center (JDC).  This funding was approved and the Foundation will be coordinating planning and operation of all aspects of this new program.  For 2006, the Foundation expanded this program for adjudicated youth

The Foundation will be working with Cherry, Rock, Keya Paha, and Brown counties to assure completion of their 3-year juvenile services plans, which is a prerequisite for receiving future juvenile services funding..  These activities are discussed weekly at the North Central Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Project (NCNCAPP) meeting, to assure that all participants are aware of these funding opportunities.

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